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About Me


I have always been interested in animals, when i was born we had a cat called Sandy who died about three years after i was born and we also had a large tropical fish tank which fascinated me i loved to watch the fish. When i started school i looked after the school Hamster when i was about four and then wanted a pet Hamster, my first rodents were two Syrian's called Peter and Meg (Meg had some babies which didn't survive). Unfortunately in those days we were given some bad advice, but I started to read lots of animal care books and learnt much more about how to properly care for my pets. Iwent on to owning another seven Syrian Hamsters - Peter 2, Peter 3, Hammy, Squeaky, Frosty and Petra renamed Gnawer and Peachy. Three Russian Dwarf Hamsters called Roland, Rolanda and Nicky. The first two had twenty babies as the pet shop sexed them wrong (think Nicky was a baby we kept). When i was nine i looked after some Mongolian Gerbil's which the teacher gave to me when she left the school, they were called Lucky and Coco, I also bought another Gerbil called Ginger. I had six Fancy Rats -Pinky and Perky, their son One-Eye (they had about nine babies about again the pet shop mis-sexed them,  i only kept one-eye and his sister Martha), Martha, Sewie and Silky. One-eye was my favourite and I also had four Fancy Mice, Speedy (female), Bernard and Bianca also called Cheddar and Brie (two males) and Martha Mouse (female). We adopted Hazel the Cat from a rescue sanctuary who sadly got very ill young and had to be put to sleep, she had advanced F.I.P. Over twenty years ago we had five Goldfish, two Bubble-eye Goldfish and then my friend gave us two more Goldfish a few years later. One of our original Fish was still alive until a few years  ago . In 1998 i bought my first Chipmunks, Chip and Dale, since then i have had well over 100 Chipmunks which includes many litters of babies. There was Chip and Dale, Creamie and Christmas (our first Dilutes) in 1998. Chirpie, Chipper and Stripe 1999-2000. In 2001 Sandie (the first Cinnamon) and our first born babies - Sandie's sons and daughters Ginger, Hazel, Almond, Brazil. Sandie's 2nd & 3rd litters born 2003 - Chirpy, Stripey and two unnamed babies. Then no new Chipmunks until 2008 when we bought our first breeder born Chipmunk -  Asriel, then later that year Abigail and Pearl. 2009 came Hermione and Bailey. Hermione's babies were born in 2010 (Ronald-Harry, Isabella, Blossom and Lottie). Willow and Nutkin and Amber were from 2010. Nugget was the first in 2011. Hermione's 2nd litter 2011 - of 6. Lottie's 2011 litter of 6 including Mia, Sugar and Spice and Dobby and Willow's  2011 litter of 7 including Tiny, Amber Jr (Amber Jr suddenly died end of 2012) and Sandi. Scabbers was from 2011 . And Nutkin's late 2011 litter of 4 including Millie. And we bought our Grey Ariana autumn 2011. 2012 we had seven litters - 4 babies from Mia, 6 babies from Isabella including Horatio, 6 babies Lottie's 2nd litter, 5 babies Willow's 2nd litter including Titch. 4 babies Sandi's litter, 4 babies Mille's litter and Ariana's 4 babies from her 1st litter - Albus-Severus, Ginger, Lyra and Arwen and 2 babies from her 2nd litter - Rosalie and Ronald-Harry III. Summer 2012 I got Ratchet a slightly older male and 2012 I also got Sugar Half-Tail a young adult female, and babies Saffy and Sky, Sky sadly died soon after and Peter and Nutmeg. My last Chippies  (2012) were three girls - Sugar 2 & Spice are already mentioned above, they are Mia's two Sisters from Lottie and Nugget's 2011 litter. I bought them back off their owner as she no longer felt she could give them all the attention they needed. I also bought a third girl called Lilo, she wasn't one of my bred babies.

2013) new additions were Isabella's girl Izzie (now rehomed) from her third litter born 4th March  Sugar's girl Lara  (now rehomed) from her first litter born 15th March. Two girls from Ginger's first litter Petal and Star born 20th March and their brother Pipkin. Danny a Dilute male I bought from Hampshire (now rehomed). A girl called Kira )from Lyra's first litter born 13th May and Kira's brother Ron. (sadly Kira and Ron died) Clover an Agouti girl I bought from Birmingham and  a boy called Apricot from Ginger's second litter born 21st June.

Kieda from Willow's 2012 litter was returned as she would not settle into her new home

Late that year  we had two more litters born and I kept Ewan and Val from Kieda's first litter and Little Girl from Nutmeg's first litter. I also bought Saffron from my good friend Louise in Surrey and Ava and Arno from a breeder in Germany to help boost my Cinnamon breeding programme.

Abigail (my oldest passed away at 9 years) so did Isabella. Mia and Millie were rehomed

Last year (2014) I kept two babies from Arwen and Albus's second litter born 6th march 2014 - a Grey Pied  girl (Bluebell) and an Agouti boy called Cosmo. Also I kept Izzie's Dilute girl from her first litter Luna born 19th feb but she was later rehomed. Spice's Agouti boy Stumpy born 11th march who she badly chewed. Lara's last Cinnamon boy Tango born 16th march and Hermione's girl Ginny from her last ever litter born 27th april 2014.

Other new additions were Sox and Frodo from Louise. Sox is Danny's Agouti brother and Frodo is Saffron's Cinnamon brother. I also got Bramble a baby Cinnamon boy from Ellie and two baby sisters from Elaine - a Dilute called Pearl and an Agouti called Ruby and Draco, Lily-Rose and then Hermione Jnr and Ron who were returned because their owner could no longer keep them.

Lexi came from Kent and Spice 2 who was a baby I sold in 2012 was also returned as her owner could no longer keep her.

The last I got was Hazel a half-German and half-English bred Cinnamon from Louise and I also brought over from Germany Cinnamons Lenya, Luki, Kai and Kari and I also bought Agoutis Sugar 2, Big Daddy, Red and Psycho who needed rehoming from Norfolk. Sadly I lost Hermione and Willow.

2015 the main additions have been the four Cinnamons and one Agouti Cinn carrier from Germany, a Cinn girl from Ellie who is called Hazel. A Cinn boy from Elaine called Maple. Elliot a Dilute who had to be returned because his owner was moving home and also Edward a Cinnamon male. Bailey, Cinnamon and Saffron were three Cinnamon brothers I kept from my litters. I also kept Agoutis Poppy and Daisy. I also bought two Cinnamons from Sussex. Very sadly though Cinnamons Nugget and Frodo , Lottie the last of my first litter of Dilutes and Grey female Ariana all died this year.

If you would like to read more about my Chippies check the boyz & girlz pages :D

 As well as Chipmunks I have three cats Minstrel, Elle and Jake. Minstrel the Black and White Shorthair is nearly 16 years old, Elle the Black Spotted Bengal is 15 years old and Jake the Blue-eyed Snow Spotted Bengal is 11 years old. Guinea pigs are a relatively new addition, we have owned them since june 2013. We used to look after our Cousin's quite often when she had two. We have four females, the youngest is Peanut she is a Red Teddy (frizzy coated Rex), Peanut is about 10 months old. Angelica was our first Pig she is about 33 months old and we think she is a Beige/Golden Roan American (short-hair) Crested Chrissie is a Tortoiseshell and White American who looks similar to Jack one of our first Piggies who was a Tortoiseshell and White Abyssinian (rough-coated). Our fourth Guinea is Folly she is the same age as Chrissie I think she was born july 2013 and is a Lilac, cream and white American with a Dutch pattern.  I now have 14 Exotic Mice, I got into owning Mice again last year when I bought my first Harvest Mice. I've now got six Harvest Mice - Minnie, Monty, Fievel, Maisy, Mrs Tittlemouse and Hunca Munca which are the smallest Mouse species. This year (2015) I also got my first pairs of Zebra Mice (Bubble and Squeak), Arabian Spiny Mice, Mouse-like Hamsters (Frisky and Speedy) and African Pygmy Mice. I have one pair of each.

I also have my first Swinhoe Striped Squirrels Mya and Zeya.

 I am 29 years old. I like to go to the Cinema, Bowling and Ice Skate. I like to read, watch tv, listen to music and of course spend lots of time with my pets. I have been at Girl Guides for eighteen years and am a assistant leader.

 Harry Potter is my favourite film and i also like the Lord of The Rings trilogy and Spider-man trilogy, High School Musical trilogy, Alvin and the Chipmunks. I enjoy watching movies but mainly like fantasy, action  adventure and animated films.  McFly are my favourite band but I like most music, but mainly pop, R 'N' B,  80's and 90's. . CSI : Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Casualty and Holby City and Friends are my favourite tv programmes aswell as any animal documentaries. Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers is my favourite children's tv show aslong with My Parents are Aliens. I love Disneyland Paris, been there four times, three times with the Guides and also like Blackpool although been once so far. I went to Spain with my Admin class at college in 2005 and that was great, i loved the beach and visiting all the shops and we visited the festival and went to a spanish college then went for a meal with the students. We visited Alicante, Valencia, Denia, Benedorm and Javea. I would love to visit the Lake District and some day visit America. We went on a short holiday to Brownsea Island to see the rare Red Squirrel and also to Longleat Safari Park. It was only a few days but we enjoyed it. Having alot of animals means we have to sacrifice lots of holidays but I don't mind as I enjoy watching all the babies grow up.

 I spend a lot of time on the Chipmunk forum where you can find me under jennyb and also on The Squirrel Board where i am chipmunk_lover. Both websites have helped me and always have great pictures of chippies and squirrels. You can find the sites under links on this website.

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