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Chippies in Their New Homes


 On this page i will add a picture and a short piece of info of how the baby Chipmunks i sell are doing in their homes. Please all new owners send me your pictures and stories.

1. Bounty (Dilute White male) Hermione & Asriel's 2nd litter born 6th April 2011. Went to his new home Saturday 4th June 2011.

Bounty has been homed to Katerina who contacted me through the Chipmunk forum. He has a large cage indoors with lots to do and he also gets to run around out of the cage. Bounty lives with a Agouti female called Pretty they generally get along well except for when Pretty has babies then they have to be separated. Bounty is doing well and i get regular updates of how he is getting on.

Their first litter was born 30th April 2012 and there were four Dilute White babies like their Dad and one Agouti like their Mother. The Agouti is a boy so is one of the Dilutes. The other three Dilutes are female.Bounty and Pretty had two litters of babies in 2013 - litter 1 was born 19th March and there was three boys (one Agouti, two Dilute) and three girls (one Agouti, two Dilute). Litter 2 was born 22nd May and there were four Agoutis (2 girls. 2 boys) and three Dilute (one boy, two girls), all are doing well and Bounty is great.

Bounty and Pretty have a new litter, this time 6 babies born 28th march 2014. There is one white one this time a boy. Three Agouti girls and two Agouti boys


2. Koda (Agouti Cinnamon Carrier male) Willow and Nugget's first litter born 23rd April 2011. Went to his new home Monday 20th June 2011. 

 Koda has been homed to Holeigh with Indi. I met Holeigh through the Chipmunk forum and Koda is hopefully going to sire some Cinnamon babies with Holeigh's female Agoutis who carry the Cinnamon gene. All of Holeigh's Chipmunks have a lovely big aviary so i'm sure Koda will be well happy there and Holeigh keeps in regular touch which is great. Holeigh's a lovely girl and like me is passionate about the Cinnamon Chipmunk and i've met with her on a few occasions, she came with me to get Ariana what a fun journey that was and i've also visited Indi and Koda in their new home.

UPDATE 12th September 2012, Koda is doing very well he hasn't been a Father yet but hopefully will sire his first babies next year. The other male Shadow was the Dad of the babies Holeigh had 2012.

 3. Indi (Dilute White female) Hermione & Asriel's 2nd litter born 6th April 2011. Went to her new home with Koda Monday 20th June 2011.

Indi has been homed to Holeigh with Koda. I met Holeigh through the Chipmunk forum. All of Holeigh's Chipmunks have a lovely big aviary and Indi has made a friend called Spook so will be very happy there and Holeigh keeps in regular touch which is great. 

Update 10th May 2012 - Indi gave birth to her first litter sired by Shadow of two Dilute Whites in March.

 4. Snowdrop (Dilute White female) Hermione & Asriel's 2nd litter born 6th April 2011. She went to her new home Monday 1st August.

This girl was one I was going to keep, she was very sweet and well liked but in the end I decided I had too many babies and It would be better for her to go to a home with less Chipmunks so she could get lots of attention that she loves. She settled in very quickly in her new outdoor aviary and is a favourite at her new home. Neil her new owner contacted me through the Chipmunk forum.  I quite often hear updates of how she is doing. Snowdrop had babies in 2012 the litter was born 9th May. She had  2 Dilute boys, 2 Agouti girls and 2 Agouti boys.  Neil kept the Dilutes and one Agouti boy with the two males he already had. Snowdrop is doing very well I am happy to hear and she now lives with a Agouti female.

Update 4th December 2013 -Snowdrop's girl friend died but Neil has now got her a Dilute female as a new friend and they get along well.

5.  Rowan now called Harry (Dilute White male) Hermione & Asriel's 2nd litter born 6th April 2011. Went to his new home Sunday 18th September 2011.

It was actually Eduardo (Harry's new owner's friend) who contacted me through the Chipmunk forum. When they came to collect Harry, Eduardo was telling all about the great aviary he has so the home sounded great. Unfortunately Harry didn't get on with Harrieth the Agouti female Chip at all at first and Eduardo had a lot of problems with territorial aggression during winter from Harry towards him but he decided to keep him and eventually Harry settled down and they had a litter of babies last year but sadly lost several of their second litter born 2013. Harry is doing very well.


 6. Kimiko (Dilute White female) and Mayumi (Agouti Dilute Carrier female) Nutkin and Ronald-Harry's first litter born 11th August 2011. Went to  their new home Sunday 16th October 2011. 


These two girls are sisters and live together at their new home, at the moment they get on great and their new owner's are lovely and let them out several times a day to run around the front room. They love to dig, in their cage is a tub filled with compost and they enjoy digging in it. I've been sent a couple of videos and they look like they settled in great. Very friendly they will climb on their owners aswell as everywhere else, very hyper Chips. The girls didn't live with older Agouti male Yuki because Sabine didn't want babies but they were often out with him on free range and in 2013 both females had a litter of unplanned babies .Kimiko had a litter of all girls March 22nd last year (four Dilute and two Agouti) and Mayumi had a litter (born 29th May) -three Agouti girls, one Agouti boy and two Dilute boys. Sadly Mayumi died in July 2013  R.I.P. Sabine has kept several of the babies.

 7. Blossom (Dilute White adult female) Hermione and Asriel's first litter born 22nd March 2010. Went to her new home Thursday 24th November 2011. 

I had to downsize a few of my adult Chipmunks because they were no longer getting along and it was very sad to have to give them up. Luckly Blossom's new home is only about 10 minutes away by car so I am able to visit her and I am also sent regular videos of her. The aviary she is living in is huge and there are only two more Chippies so lots of room and its all very natural with tunnels in the ground. She looks very happy and has mixed well with the Chips and Birds she shares her home with. Her new owner Steve contacted me through the Chipmunk forum.

Update 4th December 2013 - I received sad news that Blossom has passed away, R.I.P. Blossom.

8. Dobby (Agouti Cinnamon and Dilute White carrier) Lottie and Nugget's first litter born 18th April 2011. Went to his new home Sunday 27th November 2011.

Dobby was the last of my Spring litters and also my last baby born 2011 to leave home. The only reason I let him go was because I already had his Sister Mia in my breeding programme and didn't really have a unrelated female spare for him. Dobby has been homed to Louise from the Chipmunk forum. She had a Cinnamon female at first the girl wasnt very interested in him and he kept mostly away from her.  Dobby settled in well and he has no problem with the loss of three of his front toes, which happened when he was attacked by Blossom Autumn 2011.Dobby and the Cinnamon female Birdie had their first litter May 2012 - 3 of the 5 babies were Cinnamon. The other 2 were Agouti. One of the Cinnamons was female Louise kept her, the other babies were all male. In August 2012 Dobby and Birdie had a new litter and this time there was two Cinnamon girls (one is Nutmeg who I have and the other stayed with Louise) There was a Dilute boy I also have he is Peter.

Dobby is doing great but sadly his mate died in 2013 so he didn't breed last year.

9. Cinnamon and Spice (Agouti possible Cinnamon/Dilute White carriers) Isabella & Tiny's first litter born 20th March 2012 and Lottie's & Nugget's second litter born 24th March 2012. Went to their new home Sunday 20th May 2012.



Cinnamon (Isabella's) girl and Spice (Lottie's) girl went to their new home with Simone together. She contacted me through Both girls had a nice aviary but unfortunately I have just heard that Cinnamon has died. Spice is doing very well and has settled in great.

Update August 2013 recently Spice stayed with me for a few weeks to hopefully mate with one of my boys although things were promising she did not get pregnant, we will hopefully have better luck in spring.

10. Edd, Edd and Eddy (Agouti possible Cinnamon/Dilute carriers) Isabella & Tiny's first litter born 20th March 2012 went to their new home Sunday 22nd July 2012.

Edd, Edd and Eddy are three Brothers from Isabella's litter, they went to their new home with Peter who contacted me through the Chipmunk forum. The boys are doing fine although they are still quite nervous of their owner but they have a lovely big aviary to run around in so I am sure it won't be long until they have got over their shyness. Update 2013 the boys are doing great.

11. Tinker (Cinnamon female) and Taylor (Agouti Cinnamon carrier) female. Mia and Tiny's first litter born 18th March 2012. Went to their new home Sunday 29th July 2012.

Tinker and Taylor have settled in well. At the moment they haven't got a mate but Debbie wants to find a suitable Cinnamon male for them , at the moment no-one we know has one unrelated. Debbie I met through the Chipmunk forum, we've been friend's for several years now and she's been on my waiting list since 2010. She is so happy to finally get her first Cinnamon and looking forward to being part of the Cinnamon breeding programme with Tinker and Taylor. Tinker is only my second Cinnamon to ever go to a new home. Taylor looked very like her Mum Mia, very red colouring, she was a very pretty girl. Both should be great assets to the rare Cinnamon gene pool.

12. Sunshine (Cinnamon female). Willow and Nugget's second litter born 4th April 2012 went to her new home 29th September 2012.



Sunshine, finally went to her new home autumn 2012, unfortunately around the time she was first due for collection she and her Siblings went down with a Respiratory Infection and it took a lot of treatment and lots of patience for them to get better. Their new owner has wanted a Cinnamon for I think a few years now and she certainly  had to wait a long time for Sunshine to be better and travelled a long way to pick her up, it was a very early start for her Ellie too before 4am, it is the furthest anyone has come for a baby. Sunshine will hopefully breed with a Cinnamon carrier her owner already has and have baby Cinnamons in the forseeable future. Sunshine is only the third Cinnamon I have sold but she is going to do good things for the future of her species and her owner Ellie I met through the Chipmunk forum is a lovely lady.

Sunshine's Cinnamon Sister Kieda has went to Elaine a friend of Ellie's  aswell as a Agouti Cinnamon carrier boy from Mia's litter called Milo.

Milo (now named Scrat) is doing great with Elaine but Kieda wasn't getting along with any of the males so she had to be returned. Kieda is now living with me while Elaine has one of Willow's Cinnamon girls from her first 2013 litter as a replacement. Little Kieda has settled in very well with Milo a Cinnamon carrier male she bought last year from another breeder.

UPDATE - 1st July 2014 - Sunshine had babies! Four, born 30th March. The dad is Ramone. Both Chippies Ellie bought from me last year. They had two Agouti girls and two Cinnamon. I now have the boy and Louise has the girl.

13. Shakira (Cinnamon) female. Willow and Nugget's third litter born 15th April  went to her new home 9th June 2013

Sunshine's owner came back this year 2013 to collect Shakira who is Sunshine's younger sister. Shakira has settled in well.

UPDATE - 13th April  2014- Shakira is doing great she's the bossy one, no babies yet but hopefully soon.

 14. Ramone (Dilute White) male. Millie and Scabbers second litter born 24th March went to his new home 9th June 2013.


 Ramone has settled in great with Dilute female Star, Ellie is very pleased because Star hasn't got along with other males.

UPDATE - 13th April 2014 - Ramone has sired his first litter with Sunshine, four babies.

Update 1st July 2014 - it seems Ramone will soon be a father again, Ellie's Dilute Scooter is pregnant.

15. Scrat (Agouti Cinnamon carrier) male. Mia and Tiny's first litter born 18th March 2012 went to his new home 29th Sept 2012


 Scrat is doing well here is a picture of him. Update 4th Dec 2013 -Scrat now has a female too.

UPDATE 13th April 2014. Scrat is a dad! He has four babies with Mia (Elaine's Dilute). The litter is two Dilute and two Agouti now about three weeks old.

16. Kieda (Cinnamon) female. Willow and Nugget's third litter born 15th April went to her new home 9th June.

As mentioned above new Kieda is doing well in her new home.

UPDATE 1st July 2014 - Kieda had two Agouti babies born about 7th April. Dad is Milo a Cinn carrier.


17. Pepper (Cinnamon) female. Willow and Nugget's third litter born 15th April went to her new home 8th June.

Pepper has settled very well it is hoped she will breed with Louise's new Cinnamon male next year.

UPDATE 13th April 2014 - Pepper has babies born 4th April, the dad is Sox an Agouti Cinn carrier. It looks like they are four Agoutis.

18 Coco (Agouti Dilute carrier) female originally called Luna. Millie and Asriel's first litter born 21st April 2012 went to her new home 17th June 2012 with Jess.

Coco had her first litter 2013 of five girls (four Dilute and one Agouti) The photo is Coco, the Dad and some of the babies.

Sadly Coco has died, R.I.P COCO.

19. Titch (Agouti Cinnamon carrier) male. Willow and Nugget's second litter born 4th April 2012 went to his new home with Yvette 30th January 2014.

Titch has done so well with Yvette that I know rehoming him was the best decision and I know that she is very fond of him. I could not breed from Titch so had to rehome him as unfortunately I haven't got much room to keep lots of Chipmunk's on their own. He can't live with another. Posted 13th April 2014

20. Eddie Jnr and Ethan (Cinnamon) males. Kieda and Edward's (friend's Cinnamon male) first litter born 2nd September 2013 went to their new home with Yvette Friday 28th March 2014.


Both boys have already settled well. Eddie made himself at home immediately, Ethan who was always quite shy is taking longer but already he is very confident having Yvette around. Titch is not too impressed about having them around. Titch lives in a separate cage he can see them but they won't have any close contact as Titch doesn't like other males.

I really did want to keep Eddie Jnr but me and Yvette have come up with an arrangement that the boys will still be in my breeding programme so I am very happy about that.  The new home should be great for Ethan especially who needed much more time spent with him to tame him. She only has the three Chipmunks so has plenty of time for them all. Posted 13th April 2014




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